4 Tips to Control Your Holiday Spending

When we hear holidays, we often associate it with giving presents and organizing parties every now and then. The holiday season has always been dubbed as one of the days where people spend extravagantly. 

This is not a bad thing at all. But if you want to lessen your habit of spending too much, it may sound too impossible to do once the holiday season is coming. The good news is that you can actually control your spending habits through these tips this holiday season:

1. Set a holiday spending limit.

Having a holiday spending limit is just similar to having a budget. Set your mind and your credit card to spend until a specific amount so you can figure out what to buy within your limit. Doing so will prevent you from overspending.

2. Create a “naughty” or “nice” list.

Remember this: You do not need to give everyone fancy gifts. 

While you can buy your immediate family their Christmas gift requests, those outside of your family can still receive gifts from you without you spending a lot. Bake chocolate chip cookies or make them some personalized stuff without taking out so much money out of your pocket.

3. Collect coupons. 

There are a lot of great deals to look forward to during the holiday season. If you want to save some money from buying stuff, getting discounts using coupons is definitely a great idea. There are also promo codes and coupons that are available online that you might want to check out. They may not offer a lot but it is still good to save a few bucks!

4. Give your time as a gift.

Gifts do not necessarily have to always be material things. You can give your time, instead, as a gift. Take some days off to visit your parents or catch up with a longtime friend. You can give big hugs and kisses to express your affection, something money cannot buy.

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